Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet 16

Zooooommmmmm!!!!  Only 16 days left.  It's raining this morning in Toronto, but l don't care.  I definitely rolled out of the right side of the bed this morning.

I am so excited, l can't stand it.  It's so great  waking up in the morning excited about the new job, and the excitement surpasses the dread about going to the old one.And being that it's Friday; doesn't even play into it.  It's been a while since l have been in the position that l am really stoked about a new job.  Yes, in the past l have been happy that l am starting a new job, happy that l got it, happy that l will have a new, fresh experience.  But STOKED.  Not for 10 years.

Why, you ask?  Well, l have discovered that l work best alone.  I don't do well with management.  Mostly, because of egos that over run common sense, their laziness, or stupidity, favoritism to people, lack of following the rules, speaking out of one side of their mouth and doing another, and their control of telling you when you will work, where you will work, the begging for time off...... the list goes on.

I'm a self motivator.   I prefer working for myself.  I guess a bit of a control freak.  If l tell or promise you something, l will follow through with it.  I like to work like crazy, then when l know l need a bit of time off, l want to take it without having to explain to anyone why l want it.

The best manager l have had was when l worked with Books Are Fun, she was there if l needed her, but she left me alone to run my business.  It probably had something to do with the fact that l was a producer, but still, that is the best kind of manager, for me.

I think this next job will be the same, managers are there, but certainly not controlling my business.  I think it will be a great fit.

Have l said how STOKED l am????

****Hey, l just noticed that it's Sweet 16 on the 16th of March.  :-)


  1. Hi Tammy,

    I was wondering, I can't remember if you mentioned it, does your employer know that you are leaving? Do they by chance know that you have a blog?

    It is obvious that you are very excited about the transition, the excitement just pops off the pages of your blog!


  2. 16 days! Sweet, indeed! I am so happy for you Tammy! :)

  3. Hi Mark;

    No, my employer doesn't know that l am leaving. I have requested vacation time them after the project l leave for on Monday, after l finish that project, then l will let them know. There by my notice will be my vacation time.

    They do not know l have a blog....but trust me l do have a bit of worry that my plan will be foiled before l am ready to let it out of the bag. :-)