Monday, March 19, 2012

12.5 Days until departure

This morning was a bit cooler when l started the van and no problem keeping it going.  This afternoon, when l was leaving work heading to the airport, it stuttered a bit when l started it.  It had sat there for 4 hours, it had warmed up 15 degrees (the air), and the tank was with the good tank of gas, and it STUTTERED.  It didn't stall, just gave the feeling that it would, so l lightly pressed the accelerator.  I guess l will need to get that attended to when l get back from Saskatoon.

It seems a shame to leave this beautiful weather we are having here and going to a colder climate.  Only 12.5 days to go though, so all is good.

I'm lucky this time, staying in Canada, l don't have to go through the hour line-up at customs.  And the security line-up  is never an issue on this side of the airport.

When l was going through security, there was a lady travelling with her cat.  I chatted with her a bit about it, since it is a big concern of mine to travel with my cats.  Right now they don't want to go near the van.  It has wheels, and to them that means, a trip to the vets.

When l had my fifth wheel, they didn't mind snooping around in the interior when it was parked in my driveway.  So them not going near the van is a wee concern of mine.  My fingers are crossed that all works out with them (and me)!!!!

I'm thinking when l do my reno's on the van l will paint the interior.  I really don't like the fake wood panel look.  I'm thinking of a lighter color to brighten it up a bit in there.  I can't believe that in 20 days (because after the 12.5, l will be going to a conference for the new job in Palm Springs for a week) l will be jumping in with both feet getting Fiona (the van) and me ready.



  1. Yay we're counting 1/2 days now!

    At least you're not stuck in the office all that time and I'm sure you'll work that stutter out. Could it be a fuel filter?

  2. You like the half day count?? lol I just couldn't think of another title.....l thought it worked!!! hahahahha

    I don't think it's the fuel only happens when l start it, in the first 2 minutes. But l will inquire. Thanks for the advice Maria.

  3. Tammy, when was the last time it had a tune-up? Sounds like it might be carburetor related.

    I'm off on a RV trip tomorrow to Paso Robles with the Rainbow RV group, yee haaa! I've never been there before so it will be a new experience.

    We have class-A RV pulling a Honda CR-V.


  4. Thanks Mark. I'll have to look up the paperwork, but I believe it had a tune up not too long ago (especially miles wise).

    Have fun on your trip!!!