Monday, March 26, 2012

6 Days...Not A Moment Too Soon

Saturday won't come a moment too soon.  Pretty bad when it's only Monday, isn't it.  Why is it always easier to get out of bed on a weekend, then on a weekday when you have to go to work?  And then we only have 2 days on the weekend, it should be 5 for a weekend, and two for work.  My opinion

I am chopping at the bit, and just want this week to be over.  One reason is l'm tired of the gloomy, snowy, cold of Saskatoon when other places are breaking records with high temperatures for the season.  Another reason is l want to travel to Palm Springs for the conference, to pick the brains of successful current employees.  And of course, l want to get the Van ready, do a Vanover (Van Makeover).


  1. Well as I read this Monday is already half over!

    Woo-hoo... only 4.5 days left :)

  2. See Maria....even you have resorted to 1/2 days!!!! lol