Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can You Say "3", Yep 3 Days Left

The great thing about my job now was that l was only anywhere for 2 weeks at a time.  So the first week was spent getting to know the town, and the second week was busy tying things up, and before you know it, l was back on a plane heading back to Toronto.  So my first week in Saskatoon was spent booting around, figuring out the town/city.  And this last week has flown by.  I will be getting on a plane Friday afternoon.  And then that't it.  Over.  Gonzo.

Actually the 30 day countdown has gone pretty fast.  Yes, the days spent in the office were long, but the week did speed by.

I just had a thought, l can check in online for  my flight home tonight.  Speeding by l tell ya.

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