Friday, March 30, 2012

2 Days It's Friday, Friday!!!!

I Just have to get through today.  Which won't be hard.  I need to head to the airport by 1:30pm to catch my flight home.  My work day will be short, however, my travel day won't end until after midnight.

My count down is almost over.  Looking back, it seems to have flown by.

I received a call yesterday that will change my plans a wee bit.  Good job l am flexible. :-)   The change in my plans are that as soon as l get back from the conference in Palm Springs, l have two days to pack up, then l will start my new job.  A project came up that needs to be done right away.

I was planning on taking a week off to work on "renovating" the van, but that will have to be put on the back burning for a little while.  I really wanted to paint it (the interior), and l may do that on the Sunday or the Monday before l leave since it will be much easier to do while it is empty and l am not living in it.  That will depend on the weather when l get home.

Actually as l type this, l realize when l get back it will be Easter Sunday, so  it will have to wait until Monday, since our stores in Canada will be closed for the Easter Sunday Holiday.

Whatever happens, However it happens, will happen just the way it's supposed to stress here!!!!

Have a great Friday Every Body!  :-)


  1. Curious are you giving up your sticks & bricks home or just shutting it down for a bit? And does that no-good office partner of yours know you're leaving?

  2. Maria, I live with my sister right now (wasn't really home much the last 9 months, probably a total of 2 months out of the 9) but am completely moving out. She had a pretty sweet deal, took care of my cats and got full rent from me, even though l wasn't there except 2 weekends a month). as of right she doesn't know yet. Monday she will, when the Bosses find out.