Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Did It

You got me to crawl out of my hole.  Sorry guys to leave you hanging.  I'm alive and doing well.  I didn't mean to worry you, l just didn't know how to break the ice and l certainly never had the time to give the whole story.  Even now, it will just be a summary.

I went to Atlantic City.....and l am sorry to say, as much as l wish, l didn't win the power ball and buy an Island in the Pacific (that would be lovely though).  Nor did l get car jacked.  Although we did drive through the Ghetto in Philly (thanks to the GPS going wacky).  And as for becoming a Queen......not bloody likely.  :-(

I have a new job.  I am travelling in Southern Ontario, and occasionally staying in hotels.

The biggest change is Fiona is gone.  I sold her to a lovely couple from Germany who are going to be travelling Ontario on weekend jaunts this year while they are here working.  I told them that when they go to sell her again......please call me first.

It has been an adjustment not living in Fiona.  I love not having to dump tanks and find water.....but boy o' boy do l miss my little space.

I do hope to get back on the road.....l am itching everyday to throw it all to the wind, but l am resisting.  Why?  Pray tell you say?  Money.  Doesn't it always come down to money?  Never enough of that shit around.  Not that l need much, but these are my "earning years".  What a crock that is!!!!  Ha ha ha