Tuesday, March 20, 2012

12 Days to go and 2 Inches of SNOW!!!!

When l arrived from Toronto to Saskatoon Monday night there was freezing rain on the rental car.  Ten Minutes after l arrived at the hotel the snow came.  Fast and hard.  The spring l was enjoying morning  in Toronto is a distant memory. :-(

On top of the snow l have the  joys of hotel living. Being woken up at 2am by a guy knocking on a nearby door, continuously for 15 minutes, calling "come-on Boss" over and over again. Yeah me!  Not!!!

There is a type of dream that is stressful.  It's common in the restaurant industry, if you have worked in the front of the house in a restaurant you are familiar with it.  We all seem to have had it.  It's a "server's dream".  It's stressful because, no matter how hard you try to efficiently serve the people in your dream, things go wrong, over and over again.  The stress builds, and you wake up like you never left the restaurant that night.  They absolutely suck.  I had one last night.  And l don't even work in the business anymore.

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