Sunday, March 18, 2012

14 Days - That's just two weeks!

Holy Monkeys!!!!  Two weeks, that's it?  And most of that l will be on the road in Saskatoon.

Yesterday, I  bought some storage containers for my clothing that l will place up on the bunk.  There isn't much storage in the cupboards of the van.  Not that l am a clothes horse.  I can live out of a suit case now for two weeks at a time now. The only thing is, season change and l will need sweaters for the fall and winters, towels to shower with, files for work, tools to fix/maintain the van, bedding blankets, pillows...etc....etc.... so l will need the extra space up on the bunk for the overflow.

I also bought some curtains to hang between the cab and the living area of the van.  They were on sale, so bonus!  The hanging will have to wait until l get back from my trips.  Pretty much everything will have to wait until l get back from my trips. :-(

l will spend today doing laundry and packing up that suitcase for Saskatoon.  Yep, the fun never stops here!!!!  :-)

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