Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 18 Lightening the Load

Isn't it just great to get things off of your chest?  I did yesterday.  My boss was playing hardball about my next deal.  Wanting me to stay at the next deal until Friday March 30th(which l don't mind doing, usually we fly home Thursday night or early Friday morning)  Problem for me is l fly out Saturday for Palm Springs (via Vegas - yes, all so confusing).  He did originally want me to fly home on Saturday, l said it wasn't possible since l had holidays (wink, wink).

So l laid it on the line, that there was no point in me staying longer when my inside co-worker doesn't get me enough appointments as it is.  Why would l stay longer on a project, if l couldn't get appointments to stay busy.  So we had a heart to heart, l showed him my numbers, that l have kept track of to back me up, broken down to show my lack of appointments.

My intention wasn't to throw M under the bus, l have tried to address the issues with her, and she brushed them off.  The positive thing about her brushing them off, and my Boss not listening to what l had to say a number of months ago when l tried to address the issue, M is their golden child who can do no wrong - and has been with the company for 3 years, where as l have only been for 9 months,is that it put my change of job plans in motion.  For that l am grateful for.

If things were going great at my current job, l probably wouldn't have made the phone call to the new job and say that l was ready to start, for another couple of years.

I guess you can equate getting rid of your excess possessions to lightening the emotional load, either one you just feel lighter and freer.


  1. Go Tammy! I can feel the excitement mounting as you set off on this new adventure!

  2. Hi Tammy, I just found your site and I LOVE it!!! What type of work do you do? I've had a dream of "vandwelling" and travelling for some time. Any information you can give would be wonderful. Thanks, Tim

  3. Hi Tim, l work for Souteast Publications now.