Fiona The Falcon

I purchased my 1988 Ford Falcon in December 2011 in London, Ontario, Canada.  She's 17 feet long, has a shower and a toilet and of course a kitchen and two beds, the sofa is one and the loft is also available to sleep in.
It looks pink, but is more of a beige with brown stripes

How it looked when l bought it.
I removed the microwave since l never use one.
I also removed the back of the sofa, it gave me a bigger sitting surface and a single size bed that l didn't need to make up every morning and night.
I built this box to carry items that l didn't have room for in the van. It's attached to my trailer hitch on a trailer hitch carrier.
A friend built this shelf in the van for me.  I store books and small items on it.  I love it!!!
I started living full time in the van in April 2012.  I first started going from campground to campground for my sales job, l left that job at the end of May 2012, it wasn't financially viable for me to continue it.
Since then l have been full-time van dwelling in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  1. Fiona is so lovely! I love her color! Some of the interiors have a touch of pink as well. Isn’t it adorable? ;)) I’m pretty sure that you’ve gone through a lot of wonderful road trips in the past two years! Cheers to that! :D