Wednesday, March 14, 2012

17 Days- Loving the Weather & Saskatoon

It has been unseasonably mild for March, and l am loving it.

Even though l am working in the office this week, l have been taking some time at lunch to breathe in some fresh spring air and get my fix of Vitamin D a la' the sun.

I found out my next deal and last, is in Saskatoon, SK.  I have been close to Saskatoon (Prince Albert, SK), five months ago, and there isn't much to do there!  I sure hope the weather is nice there so l can at least get outdoors and enjoy the city more then when l was there last time.  I have already been to the little museum there, it was interesting, but not worthy of a second visit.

Maybe l will be so busy after my little chat with my boss that l will not have to find things to do to occupy my time.

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