Wednesday, March 21, 2012

11 Days It Came .....It went

The roads yesterday morning were snowy, icy and slushy.  By noon, everything was melting.  By was all gone.  Don't get me wrong, l am not complaining about the snow melt.  If fact, l'm quiet happy about it.

Today in Saskatoon it's supposed to be sunny and a high of 48 degrees.  I'll take that with a smile on my face.

I am finding it hard to get through this week.  I am loosing my patience more and more with my inside partner and this job.  Mostly with my co-worker.  I find it funny (not really) that she thinks she is pulling the wool over my eyes.  Yesterday she said at 4pm (Saskatoon time - which is 6pm Toronto time) as we were talking on the phone, touching base, well, l'm going to let you go because l do my best phone calls the last hour of the day.  She didn't realize that l heard her boyfriend in the background.  I can assure you no more phone calls were made.  I actually couldn't reach her for quiet a few hours when l didn't receive my fax with my appointments for the next day.

She blamed the front desk at the hotel for not receiving my fax.  She forgot they are time stamped, and l could clearly see that it wasn't sent until much later then when she said she sent it.

All l can say is........l only have 11 days left.  :-)


  1. Hang in there Tammy, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!.... I'm sure you can too!

    Looks like your partner is going to have egg on her face when you drop the bomb. LOL!


  2. Wow she's a real gem! Might want to take her along in the van. Well until she slips under the tires :)