Renovated Fiona the Falcon

It's done. It took three days, to take apart, tape, paint, put back together, and to do a few other things l have been wanting to for a while. But it is done.


I really, really like it. I am very happy with the outcome of a few coats of paint.
Not bad for an old girl, the van, not me!!!

I have just made the van my 'home'. Sounds crazy since l have been living in it since April. I have done little things to put my stamp on it prior to this. However, painting it was a major Reno for me.

I have never like panelling, whether in a home or a van/RV. I find it just plain butt ugly. Now it is gone.

I am now motivated to add a few more things to make it my home. Artwork, drapes, little kitchy things.....

And of course, a new floor!!!! That's next. I think the person who l am house sitting for is going away in a couple of months again....might be the perfect time to install a new floor.

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