Monday, March 12, 2012

My Grandpa

My Grandpa was 93 and had been in the hospital for a number of months.  He fell before Christmas while in his basement doing some stuff with his furnace.   While he was in the hospital for a couple of weeks with a couple of slipped disks he did come home in December.  He was still living alone, moving slowly, but getting along fine.  Just after Christmas, he caught pneumonia and he hasn't been out of the hospital since.

While in the hospital, at the end of February he caught C-Diff, and 5 patients in his ward passed away from it.  It's been tough on him, he's had good days and a lot of bad days.  It's also been tough on my two Aunts who have been there daily, feeding him and keeping him company.  He's lucky to have two wonderful daughters.

I've tried to visit at least every weekend.  It's been great to see him, but my heart goes out to him.  It must be so hard on him, being stuck in a hospital.  He was so independent until the fall.

I will always remember his laugh, it was loud and contagious.  He had a great mind and could remember so many things, from the names of the little villages he marched through in Italy in  World War II to all the nurses who took care of him over the months in the hospital.  He could actually tell who they were just by hearing them speak (which is really funny since he wasn't wearing his hearing aids the last couple of months).

While his passing won't make the newpapers, he will be missed.  He's reunited with my Grandma now,  Love you Grandpa.

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