Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 27 - Back to Rush Hour

Only 27 days left, and for 10 of them (not including weekends) l will  be fighting rush hour traffic in Toronto.  Well, actually l will be trying to beat the real bad rush hour traffic by leaving the house at 6:20 am for my commute to work which will only take 45 minutes at that time of the morning.  Where as if  left a bit later, the time would double at least.

So l will sacrifice sleep in order not to be frustrated crawling in traffic.

A bonus of working in the office is l will see a couple of fellow co-workers that l enjoy being with.  And l can use the time in the morning to get myself organized for the new J O B.

It's bitterly cold outside this morning.  Not that l have time to work on my van anyways, l'm just hoping that the weekend will be warmer.  Fingers crossed.

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