Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 Days until l'm Homeless

Do you ever wake up with a  thought that has crept from your subconscious  to the front of your mind? Crept forward enough to wake you?  I did,  this morning at 5 am.  I woke with the thought that l will be homeless is 8 days.  Okay that is a bit dramatic, l won't really be homeless until 23 days.  8 days is how long until l am no longer working for the job l am at.

Of course l will have my van that will be my little mini home, but in all aspects, l will be homeless.  By my own doing.   That has got me a little nervous, l can not lie. Nervous enough to wake me.  It will be an adventure, and by my own choice, but still scary when put like that.

There is a lot of unknown with the job l am going to.  First of all, l am the rainmaker.  So it is up to me to get accounts and then sell the ads.  I have a little more responsibility with the new job ( and way more freedom too).  I will have a better company behind me, a reputable one that has been around for 26 years, one that values honesty and customer service( l like that).

In the past l have made changes in my life, one segment at a time.  This time it will be the whole kit and kaboodle.  How's that for flying by the seat of your pants.  Things are moving fast now, it's like my pants are on FIRE.

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  1. Somehow I knew you'd be the rainmaker... what a fitting position for a dynamic woman like you and I know you'll do amazing things for that company!

    This year is bringing huge changes for many people. Exciting yet scary huh?