Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can't Sleep

It's late, or very early.  Depending what your perspective is.  It's 3:30 am, and l have lain in bed awake for 2 hours now.  Not really tossing and turning, but laying and thinking.

Thinking about how my life will change in the next little while.  It's only 30 days now until it happens.

I've been laying here designing the van changes in my head.  I have been quietly thinking about them since l purchased it back in December. Thing was, l could never really get my mind to focus on them for too long.  I guess because l wasn't sure what l wanted to do.  And l wanted the changes to happen organically over time.

I didn't want to jump into it, make changes, and then discover, that they just wouldn't work for what l needed.  Another thing was, how many changes do l make that won't negatively effect the vans value if l choose to sell it soon.  Do l really care?  I didn't spend that much on it, but l also don't want to throw that money away if l change my mind on my lifestyle.  On a sidebar; if l live in it for just one year, it will have paid for itself - so l'm not too worried.

How was l going to need my living space?  What could l live with and what could l live without.  I need a small office space in there, and just how was l going to get that to work.

How would l manage living in there with 2 cats?  It's not the space that is a concern when it comes to my cats, l know we will fit just fine.  It was more of, how was l going to get them to 'relax' in there.  They don't like cars, especially cars that move with them in it.  And l will be moving. It will be a bigger space then a car.  And it won't be a trip to the vet, which would freak any human also - getting poked and prodded.  I hope the adjustment period isn't too long for them in the van.


  1. I can feel the energy revving up! Let's order up beautiful weekends so you can move things along nicely.

    I'm sure it will be a work in progress but you'll get the basics done before it's time to leave.l

  2. Tammy, thinking and planning is ALL part of the fun. Your office might could be incorporated in your passenger seat area. Having a front corner where you can leave things when you are parked and it's not in the way of cooking and relaxing, etc., would be convenient.

    When the weather is nice, I'm sure you'll be outside at your patio grilling, relaxing, etc. In a small motorhome, the outside becomes very important. I'm assuming you have a side awning that can be extended.

    Looking forward to reading your upcoming adventures.


  3. You can innovate as you go and adapt things once you are in the van for a few days (weeks). Wally mart has a desk thingy on wheels that will hold a laptop and you can roll it around if needed. Might be an "office" solution for you. Don't know if the link will work ...

    Once you live in it for a time, you will have a better idea where everything will go. There are constant little tweaks to make things better, but that is the fun part.

    Better to get some sleep and work out the other things as they come up.

  4. Thanks Les. The link worked. I like that idea, but l do want something more permanant. I agree, work at it as l go...but l might leave my tools at home!!

  5. Mark

    I have played with the idea of the passenger seat, removing it and such, but up until now l had decided on keeping it. Since it swivels and is more comfortable then the sofa to sit on. As l was up thinking late into the night, l had decided that l might rip out the uncomfortable sofa and build a bed with toss cushions for a daybed/sofa. So, if l have something more comfortable to sit on, then getting rid of the passenger chair might be the option....hmmmmm.