Sunday, March 18, 2012

13 Days

Yesterday l spent the day organizing and consolidating my files for my travels.  Pretty boring stuff, but totally necessary.  Easier to do in my home then trying to do it in the van.  Of course, the less l take the better.

I also jumped outside for a bit to check the fluids in the van, and  change the air filter.  Now that it's a bit warmer out, the van seems to stutter when l start it.  I think the choke needs to be adjusted.  When it was cold the choke would rev the engine enough, l never had any problems.  Just the last two days it sounds like its about to stall (just when l start it - until l drive off).  But when l changed the air filter, it wasn't that dirty.  So, l'm thinking it's the choke that needs to be adjusted or there is a bit of water in the gas tank.  The last two times l have gone to a independant gas station and filled up one of my gas tanks there.  I have now flipped it over to the other gas tank and will see tomorrow am when l head to work if l have the same issue.

ON a side note; when l went to Canadian Tire to buy the air filter, a couple of guys drove up beside me when l hopped back in the van to head home.  One of the guys has a similar van and just wanted to chit chat about it.  Nice guy.  I guess in the summer l can expect people to come up all the time since they won't be freezing their butts off.

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