Saturday, March 17, 2012

Deadsville..... 15 Days to go

Yep.  My fault.  No one to blame but me.

Yesterday when l went to work it was foggy, a bit thick in places so l turned on my headlights.  Well, l forgot to turn them off when l got to work.  It was sunny then, and the last thing on my mind was headlights.

Fiona is a bit long in the tooth and not up to the fancy standards of the new vehicles that will scream at you if you leave the lights on after you turn off the car and open the door.  Fiona was quiet as l exited her.  So of course, 8 hours later when l came out to drive her to a dinner with friends, she refused to turn over.

I knew it wasn't the starter this time, since l had fixed that problem.  The problem was me.  Yep, me.

I must develop a system that will remind me that in the dawn if l turn on my lights, l hang something, tie something on a part of the van l can't miss as l exit.

So, l got a boost, she started up fine, and l was on my way.  I was at work longer then l was expecting, then to have the battery be dead on top of it, let's say l was really happy to drive out of the parking lot.  And of course, now there are only 15 more days to go! :-)


  1. For just a few bucks at auto supply stores you can get this buzzer to remind you that your lights are on. Not sure how hard it is to install but it would be worth looking into.

  2. On bikes, there is a wheel lock you can use for added security. Trouble is, if you get on, start her up, and take off with the wheel lock still in place, it causes lots of damage. Fortunately, I never did that (amazingly so) but I had a couple of friends that did. Consequently, HD sells this tag that lays across the ignition. It's bold orange, no way you can miss it. I'm thinking maybe put something similar on the inside door handle when you turn the lights on?