Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Plane Ride for Work

Well, that might not be totally true.  The plane ride tomorrow is kind of for work.  I will be attending meetings and such.  Let's say it is the last plane ride for THIS JOB.

I'm hanging out at the Saskatoon Airport, where l will fly to Calgary to catch my connecting flight to Toronto.  It will take me 9 hours from the time my plane takes off until it lands.  That's not taking into account showing up early, checking in, going through security (no customs this time).

When l was returning my rental car, a guy in the next stall was returning his car also, l offered to him a book l had finished.  It was a really good novel by Ken Follet (?sp?).  He declined since he had 3 of his own, but he offered me a shitload of candy.  So l broke the rules and took candy from a stranger.  And no, l didn't end up in his trunk going down a dirt road to the woods.

He had all this cool kind of candy and was just going to leave it behind in the car.  He was a rep for a candy manufacturer, and was in town for a trade show.  Let's just say, l got the latest, greatest sugar goodness.

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