Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kissing The February Blahs Goodbye!

Tomorrow is the last day of February, and all l have to say is Thank God!  This winter has seemed to drag on and on.

We have snow on the ground in Toronto which is an anomaly.  It's been years since it has stuck on the ground for so long.  Usually it melts a couple of days after lands.

We have had a good round of minus 12 degrees Celsius for most of February.  So, am l sad to see this month past.  No Way!!!!

Feb is the shortest month, but seems the longest, and least here in Canada, and for me.

I can't say that l no longer pay rent when the first of the month comes....but that is just a matter of time, mid- to end of April l will be back in the van.  :-)

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Can't Imagine Life Without.......

The Internet.  I freakin' L.O.V.E. the Internet.

I mean......

Love Love Love it.                          Why?????

Because whenever l need to figure something out....l ask it!  If l need to see what a starter looks like on my van and where it's located, l "You Tube it" with in seconds l see someones video that was posted showing me where it is.

When a program on my computer froze last night, and the help desk was shut down.....l Googled it.  And some guy showed me what to do. This guy will never know how much he helped me out.  My frustration went  down immediately.  I fixed it myself, and l am still waiting for that phone call from the Techie.

And now, when l needed to learn how to take apps off of my phone.....l searched it out and Voila.....l have my answer!

Later tonight l will "NetFlix" something to watch, so l don't have to "wait" for my favorite program to start on TV, this way it works into my schedule.

I started a course expand my mind....and since l now work 9-5 l can't attend classes, but l can watch them on goto meeting and it's as though l am there. Except l am comfy in my P.J.'s

And hopefully one day, l can give up my job and work from the Internet!

So Thank You Internet inventors!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Quiet On The Canadian Front

I'm still here, alive and kicking.  It's like the cold has frozen my fingers off the keyboard.  It probably more has to do with all day Monday to Friday l am on the computer for work, that it's the last thing l want to do when l get home.  Actually it's probably more to do with, l don't have any exiting things going on in the February freeze.

I was busy with two jobs, but quit the night time job at the restaurant.  I had had enough of the boss and l am doing fine at the day job.  I am actually really enjoying it.  I feel like l have so much more free time, it could be that l get up earlier now and get the job over with that makes it seem like l have so much more free time, because truthfully, l am putting more hours in there then l was at the restaurant.

So my time now consists of working day job, taking trading classes and trading on the forex.  I did take a bit of a break on the forex when l was working both jobs, a girl can only do so much.  Now the plan is to get up early during the week before the day job and take a trade or two, then head into work.

I have planned a trip to Atlantic City for Easter Weekend.  A friend from Washington DC is meeting me there so that should be fun, and l am pretty confident that it will be warm enough to enjoy it.  I won't be taking the van since gas prices are so high and it will be cheaper to rent a car, drive it fast and pay for hotel then to putter along in the van at 10-12 MPG.

Sorry l have been gone so long.......I will try to not let it happen again!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day

It is a snow day in Toronto.  We have had a wee bit of snow, probably about a foot by now, and it's still snowing.

The day job stayed closed today so l am lucky to get paid for staying at home and watching the 6th season of Dexter.  Whoot Whoot. 

The night job, l called at noon and said l wasn't coming in.  I live a half hour drive from the restaurant, on a good day, snow day is worse.  Last night it took me an hour and a half, and it wasn't anything like today as far as volume of snow.  There are other staff that live they can do it.  I did it by myself last night, everyone else was called off. 

I just got back in the house from shovelling the driveway.  Where l am staying the owner is in Florida until tomorrow so her daughter, my best friend, and l shovelled the driveway with ancient metal shovels.  Until, we borrowed the neighbours plastic, light weight shovels.  It made the job so much easier.

When we were shovelling, a young girl turned down the street across from our house and got stuck.  She was turning her wheels while going forward, so l went over to help her out, instructed her to keep her wheels straight, and we pushed.  It went nowhere.  I asked her nicely if l could drive. No need to expend energy for nothing, when you know what they are doing is WRONG!  She let me get behind the wheel and away we went.  I drove her to her house at the end of her street, and walked back to mine.

Her mother was coming down to help her and saw me in the car and said...."who's driving your car??"  I love being in the big trusting city.  :-)

I have noticed my beast of a girl Fiona handles very well in the slippery roads, whether snow or rain, must be her weight, and the mad skills of her owner!!!!

How many more months until spring???  The goal is to be back in Fiona by Mid April again.