Friday, March 23, 2012

Single Digits...9 Days left

It's Friday and l'm in Single Digits.  That almost doesn't seem real.  Will l be ready?  It seems like l have so much to do, and l am so far from being able to do anything to get ready for the transition into the van.  I haven't put it down in a list since l'm not able to do anything about it being 2000 kilometers from home and the place where l am able to take care of it.

I am excited though.

I'm glad it's Friday.  And l'm glad l am not coming home today, since Air Canada is on strike, and that would make it really hard for me to get home tonight and fly out tomorrow to Palm Air Canada has a whole 7 days to get it's ducks in a line to get me home next week, so l can fly out on the Saturday to the new job/life.

I feel for the people that needed to catch flights today - bummer.

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