Friday, March 2, 2012

Delay Due to...... Snow

Ugh, stuck in Milwaukee with a plane delay.  It doesn’t look that bad outside, it is snowing, it is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they get snow, they get winter.  Obviously they get cancelled flights too.

My flight home  to Toronto is only delayed right now for an hour.  My fingers are crossed that it will get out tonight.  Hey, what the hell, I’m crossing  my toes  too.  Might even utter a prayer!!!

It started snowing on my way to the airport at 3pm, it’s now 6pm, and l guess there is a bit of accumulation.  Probably around 2 inches, of pretty white stuff.  It’s wet and sticking to the trees, and planes and runways.

In my short career with this company of mine of 9 months (yep, long enough) it is my first weather delay, and if l remember my first delay over 30 minutes.  Not bad, really.  Lost luggage only once, and even then it was returned to me 5 hours later.

I’m too cheap to pay for Bongo Wi-Fi, it’s $9.95 for 24 hours of access…… but l have a good book which will entertain me plenty. (obviously, this post is written and save to be posted when l get back to FREE Wi-Fi), and every penny saved l can spend on the van!


Okay, l'm home now in Toronto the wet.  The flight ended up being delayed for almost 2 hours, at least we got out.  There were many flights that were cancelled, so l am one of the lucky ones.  Yeah me!

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