Thursday, December 1, 2011

Propane Tanks

So l've been out looking at possible vans for my trip.  Today l learned a lot about the propane requirements for certification in Ontario, Canada.

We had a pretty big explosion a couple of years ago with a propane facility that was located in the city limits.  So there have been regulations put in place to prevent such things again.

[caption id="attachment_299" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The propane fire ball from Sunrise Propane in Toronto Canada 2008"][/caption]

How does that effect the little motor-home buyer/seller/user?

Now, the propane tanks need to be inspected every five years.  They also need to have a Auto Fill Stop valve installed on all tanks.  They have been available for about 10 years, so if your tank is newer then that, you're okay with that part.  If not then the tank is required to be retrofitted with one of these valves.  The catch is, not all tanks can be retrofitted.  If it can, the cost is about $400.

If it can't , then you will have to replace the tank.  Sounds easy?  Maybe not.  Not all tanks are standard.  On the conversion vans, some manufacturers had tanks designed for their vans only.  So what that means, to replace it, you are looking at about $2500 to have a tank built for you.

If you don't have to have one specially built for you, the tanks start at $600, plus installation at $75 an hour.

If your tank is newer and meets the codes, then a straight $75 to inspect it every five years will be okay.

The problem is our insurance companies up here don't have any "standards" when it comes to what they need for insurance purposes.  Some, don't ask for anything, some want the whole propane system inspected, which is $75 for the tank plus $75 an hour for however long it takes to inspect all the connections and piping.

The only good thing, is the peace of mind that your system is checked for your own safety, but it makes it hard when looking at vehicles if you don't quiet know what to look for.  There could be an expensive surprise waiting for you.

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  1. That's good to know. I supposed if buying from a dealer they would have made sure it was up to code (or you could insist) and from a private party you could ask for the last inspection receipt.

    So many things to consider before making a move like this. Glad you're doing the research!