Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Airlines

Wow.  I wasn't going to write anything about American Airlines last night when l checked in online.  I can't resist now after my check in at the El Paso airport.  I haven't flown American Airlines in a couple of years.  And l understand that airlines are charging extras (exit seats, checked luggage) where-ever they can get away with it.  But REALLY????

When l checked in last night on-line, l tried changing my seat, since the travel agent that books my ticket at work doesn't always seem to give me a window seat, and of course l prefer that seat,  if l'm tired, l get to lean against the wall and have a snooze, it tends to be better then the head bob for me.  American was very accommodating, if l wanted to up grade to a window or a isle, it would cost me an extra $20. plus change.  Now we are not talking about the emergency exit seat here, just a random window or isle seat.  That was a first, but not enough for me to put it in my blog.

Oh, also, if l wanted to "buy" extra reward miles for this trip l could by 35oo miles for $100 something, or 5000 miles for $152.  Still not enough for me to write about.  I don't know what you can get for those miles, but it seemed pretty dear to me.

What got me was this morning, checking in, on those machines that you HAVE to check in with first, even though you checked in online, and you still have to see an agent at the desk, was all the extra charges.  Again, l was offered to change my seat (for a fee), buy the miles, upgrade to business class (my company doesn't spring for that). On top of all those unbelievable offers, l could pay an extra $9.00 to upgrade my BOARDING position.

Really, pay an extra $9.00 to get on 5 minutes earlier.  Soon we will have to be paying for the 1/2 glass of soda we get, to use the loo or at least the toilet paper to wipe with, pay for every piece of luggage (purse, coat, camera case), checked or not., seat belts.....

It might even come to having to have  quarters just in case the oxygen deploys we might have to feed the machine quarters to get dispensed oxygen, just like a soda machine.


  1. All that and the tickets aren't super cheap either!

    This is one of the many reasons I don't fly anymore, which is sad because I love the feel of taking off and the scenery above the clouds.

    Also limits my travel options, at least somewhat. Though I do hear that boats cross the ocean too... though maybe you have to bring your own life raft now.

  2. My company paid over $900 for my ticket. Of course, it's not booked too far in advance, but still.