Thursday, December 22, 2011

Todays the Day

Yep, today is the day.  I have a half day of work (okay not even that).  I need to go hand in my deal, drop off the paperwork, get my check.  Then l'm off for 15 days.  Whoot!!!  Too bad it wasn't on a beach......with a frozen Margarita.

Today is the day that l also go pick up my van.  Double Whoot Whoot!!!!  I will snap some decent photo's (l hope) and post them here, so when l actually am able to "make the van mine" with custom decorating and up grades, you can see the difference.

You are probably thinking, wait you have 15 days off, why not do it now.  Well, l live in Toronto, and it's a bit chilly out there.  Not terribly cold, but enough that l won't be ripping the van apart and doing it in December or January.  Besides, first l have to go through my garage and unload all the things l really don't have room for anymore.  I have over the last couple of years really whittled it down, but you see the van is really really small, and l won't be keeping a storage unit.

To me paying for a storage unit for things that you don't use and are so easily replaceable for less then the cost of a storage unit is CRAZY.


  1. So excited for you!

    My own plans have accelerated and assuming a few things fall into place I'll be able to buy something in the next few months. Can't wait!

    Then to just get my daughter into her own place so she can get all her stuff outta here...

    Can't wait to see the pics :)