Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Step Closer

I'm done in the garage for now.  A friend of mine will be inheriting almost two full sets of pots and pans, a Flat Screen TV (which l haven't watched in over 6 months), some towels, my favorite gigantic wood cutting board, and bake-ware.

I really cleaned house last time l did this, so not much left to go through this time.

I've still got my clothes to go through, but l will wait to get closer to travel date before l let go of those, they are easier to dispose of in those bins in the shopping malls.  I'm not talking about those dumpsters, but the recycle clothing bins.

The hardest part will be getting rid of all the little shit.  The gadgets, the multiple flashlights, you know the stuff you never use....but might.  Kind of like, the life you want to lead, but don't.

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  1. Hi Tammy, am catching up on your blogs. I SO identified with this one. LOL. For some reason your site was dropped from my list of blogs I follow - I will get that corrected ASAP. Happy New Year!