Monday, December 5, 2011

Carp Diem

One thing l didn't mention about my recent purchase.  And that would be the reason that the people were selling their van.  They had only bought it a year ago September.  They had big dreams of doing what l plan on.  Driving casually around North America, seeing the sights, enjoying the views and the people they were to meet along the way.

But something happened.  And it happens far too often.  Their health too a turn in the wrong direction.  The gentleman on the couple got bowel cancer.  It's been treated and is being watched.  He was in great spirits, but sad that they can't go live their dream.  And if that wasn't enough to side track them, the lady of the couple has hip problems.  She can no longer get in and out of the van.  Surgery is scheduled for May 2012.

The van never left their driveway.  They've been retired now for a couple of years, and now the enjoyment of those years has to be re-thought.  I'm sure they are still enjoying their retirement, but some of the glimmer has been rubbed off by their limitations now.

I may be impulsive, l may move around a lot, l'm just trying to live the life l want to live and not one society tries to dictate to me. I don't want to be this couple, that put their dream off to another day, only to

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  1. only to never get the chance to live it?

    I'm with you there sister! Even though I'm no where near retirement, there are places I want to go and things I want to see and I don't want to wait one more day to do it.

    For me it's the money and work that requires me to stay in the area that holds me back. Hopefully I'll figure that one out very soon and be on my way.