Tuesday, December 6, 2011

El Paso, Texas

El Paso Texas is the next stop on my ramble.  But l am getting a bit ahead of myself since l don't leave until Sunday morning (the 11th).  But that's part of the fun of this job, there is always something to look forward to just as you start getting bored of one place, the other place comes into sight.

So while at work, l started scoping out things to do, places to go see in El Paso.  I think l will be entertained for the weekend that l get as my free time.  Beside, l need to get my Christmas shopping done while l'm there.  Luckily l don't have to jump too far into the madness of the shopping since we only buy gifts for the kids in my family, so that's 3.

I checked out the weather, and it's quite nippy right now but should warm up for my stay into the low to high 50's.  As long as the sun shines, l will be happy.

My partner at work as soon as she heard where l was going to El Paso said...."mmmm, Taco's" .  I wonder if El Paso is happy that there is a very well known taco company by that name?   l will be having some authentic Mexican food while l am there, not the stuff in the yellow and red can!

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