Friday, December 2, 2011

Wacky Time Suspension


I am feeling a little discombobulated.  I am here in Toronto, living in Eastern Standard Time, but working in the Alaskan Time zone.  That can just mess up a person, or at least it is messing up me.

I've had to set my clock on my laptop to Alaskan time (four hours behind eastern) because l have been having to think too hard.  I am arriving at work at 1pm, just after lunch, but actually showing up for work at 9am in Alaska.  It is a wee bit confusing.  It wouldn't be all that big of a deal if l wasn't continually calling Alaska and speaking with people there.  So l have to take into account their starting times, lunch times, even something as simple as "so and so will be back in at 2"  which is actually 6pm where l am physically.

It`s enough to mess you up!!!  :-)


  1. Ha! So the twice yearly time changes mess me up but working across zones messes you up. How funny!

  2. While switching timezones every two weeks is no bigger for me. Trying to live in both worlds at the same's a bit hard for me. I'm home and it's 11pm, but my laptop still says 7pm....l'm tempted to change it, but will only have to change it back come Monday for the week.