Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crazy Christmas

I guess it's easy for me to look at the scene at Wal-Mart with different eyes then what most people are going through right now.

I'm sure this Wal-Mart in El Paso, is the same as any Wal-Mart North America wide. Or any retail store for that matter.  Crazy packed parking lot.  It was packed when l drove by at noon today, and again when l  visited it at 7pm.  It was hard to find a spot, l parked far away, the walk was good because l just went and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

The store was full of shoppers.  The shelves were all messed up and disorganized from being picked over by the desperate shoppers to buy gifts for their loved ones.  Whether it was for gift-giving or guilt-giving, l don't know.  I remember half the stuff l got for Christmas or any gifts l would sooner not received, not to sound ungrateful, but it was usually the wrong color, or style or just something l would never, ever use.

Just as l'm sure some of these gifts people are buying are going to end up hidden in the closet, or maybe best case scenario re-gifted.

Times have changed.  Christmas used to be receiving the necessities like new underwear, socks or pajamas.  The new winter coat or the great bike for the summer.  Now in our society, we seem to gift ourselves these things throughout the year. Making the Christmas gift giving harder, and then we fill up the nicely wrapped boxes with useless items that we have been brainwashed into "needing".

It's Crazy.  Crazy Christmas.

I ended up walking around the store and decided l didn't want to battle the people or the cashier line-ups for the shampoo that l needed.  So l left empty handed, which l probably was the only one tonight.


  1. See now I haven't had that experience. Even at the mall I got front row parking the other day and everyone was mellow, happy and in a great mood. There was no pushing or annoying people, the aisles weren't messed up (even at Wal-Mart) and shopping was just about as normal as any other day. Heck I even walked right up to an empty check out line!

    I wonder. Is Cincinnati insulated from holiday craziness? Or have I intuitively trained myself to pick the right time of day and stores to go to when there's the least amount of crowds.

    By the way at the post office yesterday - only ONE person ahead of me in line! Now that surprised me :)

  2. Well, it was noon at one time and then after dinner for the other time. I noticed that walmart was messy when l first flew in also, like l have never seen before. Sometimes it's the local mentality of "it's not my job" to put things back where l just picked them up from.

    I must say, up in Canada though, we don't seem to have as many cahsiers on, ever. Where here it was all cashiers on deck.

  3. I would have gone no-poo just to stay out of Walmart. Annie has to go without me most times.