Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun


There definitely something about the Sun and me.  We have a relationship that l could never live without.  Just coming down to El Paso and feeling a little warmth and seeing some rays of light just changes my mood instantly.  I love the south.  I love the sun.

El Paso has the mountains too, they are not treed, and just have scrawny little bushes on them, no snow to be seen anywhere, and it's pretty brown everywhere, but it's got the sun.

I'm looking forward this weekend to getting out and exploring the area.  I won't be going into Mexico unfortunately, it's a bit on the rough side right now, which is unfortunate.  Not that l let stories paint all of my decisions, but l won't press my luck this trip.  Also, the rental car agency wont' let their cars go into Mexico, so that leaves a bus, and that is not my favorite mode of transportation.

There will be plenty around here to occupy me for the weekend.

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