Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toronto to El Paso

On my trip today, while in Philly l spoke with a great lady from Ottawa, offered to carry her bags for her (she was in her 80's and was carrying two carry-ons), then had a lovely chat with her while l waited for my plane to Phoenix.  She works in Parliament in Ottawa as an editor, but spends 4 months a year in Phoenix.  The bag l carried for her was actually her cat.....l didn't know that until later in our conversation.  It's carrier was a duffel bag, made for small animals, but it didn't look like an animal carrier.  The cat was quiet and didn't move while we sat talking.  Our conversation made the 2 and a half hour layover fly by.

Another treat was as we were sitting there chatting and munching on lunch we were then sung to by carolers singing Christmas songs. The were dressed in 1800's costumes and  were quiet good, they tried to get a couple of kids involved but the kids just wouldn't participate with them,  until they were dragged in to ring the bells for Jingle bells and get their picture taken by Mom.

As l was waiting for my Zone to be called at the Philly airport for me to board the plane, l was standing back and this gentleman tried to slide in/bud in the line and get on the plane.  The boarding agent saw him try it and said to the gentleman that "Sir, there is a line", and stopped him.  It was actually a test to see if the boarding agents did their job.  And she did.  The guy worked for TSA, but was dressed as a regular customer trying to bud in line.

I seem to have had a eventful day of travelling.  Could be because l had three flights today.  lol  I don't mind two, but three is a bit much.  Direct is always better too.

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