Thursday, December 29, 2011


I really want to go outside and organize the garage.  I have some bins that l need to go through and select the few things that l will be keeps on my travels, and giving the rest to friends, if they choose to have it.  But it's so freakin cold out there!!!!!

It's 7 degrees F or -14 degrees C, the sun is not shining, compounding the cold.  The long-term outlook according to the weather man isn't looking any better.  Welcome to winter in Canada!

I used to spend lots of time in my garage in the winter, and was acclimatized to it.  Why you ask would l have spent so much time in my garage in the winter?  I used to work for Books Are Fun and l had all my inventory in the garage.  When l was in the garage for 8 hours, pricing my product l would have a small space heater on, most other times, when stocking my bins for the next book fair, l wouldn't have heat on.  The cold was something l adjusted to.

Time is of the essence, so l will have to dress in layers and go tackle it, l'm afraid.  I won't have this opportunity to get in their again until l leave in April (which would be better weather!!!).  My work partner, l keep clairfying she is my work partner, not romantic partner - l would give you her  name, but l am 100% sure, she wouldn't want to mentioned on this blog.  Maybe l will call her Lucy.

Lucy and l have had a talk, and she no longer wants to go on the road, so after this last deal of hers in Buffalo (oh, l'm so jealous - Not), l will be full-time on the road.  She's not aware of my plans to leave in April, so that might be a bit of a shock, since our team is the only one that alternates (or at least did).

Time to shower and layer up!  Cheers!


  1. I love how focused and on target you are.

    Send some of that drive my way please :)

  2. Maria, it helps that l have deadlines. If l don't do it during my time off now.....l won't get to it until April. And there will be enough to do in April with fixing the van inside and stuff. Getting rid of my belongings will take a bit of time, l'm afraid.

  3. Wow, looks like you are getting "your ducks in a row" for sure.
    I found your blog through Glens "to simplify" link, and I am eager to follow along with your adventure. You go girl!

    I'm also a retired RV technician and a fellow Canuck and I want you to let me help if I can with any RV related issues you have with your van. If I can walk you through a simple repair or installation, call on me anytime.

    We met one of your other blog referrals, Rae of "travels with Miranda, when she boondocked on our property several years ago in Prince George, BC. She's a bit stationary these days, but I think she will be getting hitch itch fairly soon.

    Anyway, keep up the posts - avid readers are a'waitin' ...

  4. Hi Les! I love that saying....Hitch Itch! I follow Rae, I'm looking forward to her adventures as a property manager when she writes them in a couple of months.

    Thank you for your very GENEROUS offer to help me with any RV repair issues. That is so kind of you.