Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where l Spent New Years Eve

As the clock struck mid-night, l was in my new to me Class B Van, Fiona.  This was perfect, because this is where l plan to spend a lot of time in 2012.  Isn't there a saying that what you ring out the old year doing, you will be doing a lot of in the new year?  Sounds good to me.

I was driving home from spending an evening with friends, shared a great meal of roast beef, then saw a crappy movie (of course, my opinion) at the theatre(  It was called New Years Eve, very fitting subject for such a night, but not top quality, even though it was star studded.  It dragged on and on, and there was a collective sigh from the audience when it was over and the credits rolled), when l was entertained by someone's fireworks.  It was a short display, but colourful and enjoyable.

I hope everyone got to spend it just the way they wanted to, l wish you all the best and l hope you look forward as much as l do to the new year.


  1. What a perfect way to ring in the new year!

    I did that last year, sitting on the floor of my new apartment knowing that my life was about to change in big and positive ways.

    I hadn't heard that saying before but I sure hope it doesn't ring true for me, as I found myself doing pretty much nothing at the stroke of midnight... ack!

    Anyway, you're going to have a great year! Happy trails :)

  2. It does sound perfect! At midnight I was working on moving forward with what I hope will be one of my mobile businesses for when I become a fulltimer, "All Things Photo." Finally made myself shut it down at 3A and get some sleep. LOL. Happy New Year Tammy!

  3. @Maria - didn't know that or would have called you! Thought about it then decided not to - should have listened to that still, small voice. Happy New Year!

  4. Tammy, it's probably something I'm doing wrong but, won't let me sign up to follow your blog. :( Any advise? Thanks!

  5. Maria, forgive me, my understanding was that you were also re-inventing your life/webiste prior to the stroke of mid-night redesigning your blog and life. That is hardly nothing. I would say that is the biggest step forward you could make!!!!

  6. No, no idea, but l will try and see whats up. Happy New Year! Exciting time for all of us!

  7. Well Tammy, not actually nothing. I was playing a video game... a 6 year tradition for New Year's Eve. Funny huh?

    But I have a wonderful family of friends on there and love to just hang out and chat sometimes :)

    Yup still working on the website/blog. I better get moving if I want it to be done by tomorrow!

    @DSD Tammy's blog is on Wordpress, not blogger so it's a different sign up thing.