Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Airlines Redeemed

Well, the first leg of my journey from El Paso to Dallas, the plane was full.  It was on time and went smoothly for the short flight of just over an hour.

The second part of my flight, as l waited for the plane to board my name was called to the check in desk.  Not knowing why it was l approached the lady behind the desk.  She said are you Tammy, l said yes.  She said "we have you in a middle seat, would you like us to change you to a window or an isle?"  I said sure, absolutely.  Then she handed me the new ticket she just printed out then said "wait a minute, lets change that and put you in a seat where there isn't someone beside you" . I said, Fantastic, it's like Christmas, and smiled.

I got the seat, didn't have to pay for it, and had three seats all to myself.  I moved to the window seat and offered the guy behind me to move up in my row, since they were packed three across in theirs.

It is almost Christmas.....Thank you American Airlines, but your still not forgiven for all the little charges.  :-)


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