Sunday, December 11, 2011


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I got tagged at the airport.  I was specially selected for Security Screening.   I got the SSSS on my ticket.  Whoo Hoo!!!

Okay it ended up being no big deal.  I actually got to jump the security line.  Which was pretty cool and put into a special line.  It wasn't any different then regular security except l got a residue swab for ballistics on my bag, and then even though l didn't set off the metal detector l had to either choose a body scan or a pat down.  I chose the body scan, it's quicker and really, like going to the doctor, once they have seen one, they've seen them all. :-)

I've had the body scan before when l forgot to take off my watch and set off the metal detector.  I don't' understand what the whole fuss is about.  I would do that any day, if l could take all the liquids l needed for the 11 days without having to check them into the luggage.

Now if l had a choice l would have preferred to have been specially selected to win the lottery.....

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  1. So glad you take it all in stride! It's one reason I stopped flying. Well that, the fact I hate crowds, and because I haven't had anywhere to go for a while :)

    But really... I'd much rather drive than fly, even if it means a much longer trip. Sad too because I love the sensation of taking off and landing and the scenery from way above the clouds is beautiful!