Friday, December 2, 2011

Bathroom Etiquette

I think there should be bathroom rules.  I know there are some, but they need to be updated to include:

1. If you use those paper toilet seat liners, when your done, kick them in the toilet.  I don't want to have to do it after you have left the stall.  Not my job.

2. There should be a dedicated "Squat Stall", just like the  "Handicapped Stall"  and all people (okay, we know it's mostly ladies since men's rooms have urinals) that squat/hover over a toilet seat should have to use that stall, and not the others.  I don't want to step in your pee or accidental sit in your pee.

3. If you can't flush a toilet, then use the the outhouses. They don't' need to be flushed.  I know most toilets now flush themselves, but if you don't hear the vacuum of water as you leave, YOU need to do it.

4. There is a trash receptacle in the bathroom for a reason.  Put your had towels in it when done.  Just because it's not your job to clean the bathroom, doesn't mean you need to be a pig.

Okay...l'm done!  I'm sure there are more to be added, and feel free to suggest some, l could use a giggle.



  1. How about this:

    People who can't follow the rules can't us the bathrooms!

  2. Marie, It would be a happy place!!!!! :-)