Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift Exchange

Wow, December 1st already.  Only 24 more days until Christmas.  Black Friday has come and gone.

Today at the office people were discussing Christmas gifts for fellow co-workers.  Basically, every inside person, has an outside person.  My partner and l rotate, to add variety, and so she can spend time at home with her soon-to-be husband. And l can feel like l haven't totally abandoned my cats.

There were a couple inside people talking about what they were buying their outside person for Christmas.  I don't know how to say this nicely, but l hate getting gifts.  I don't mind the whole idea of exchanging gifts, but l hate feeling the obligation to one, buy a gift for someone, since l don't usually go shopping in malls l have no idea what to get people, and two, l hate getting something l really don't want/need/use.  I know l sound ungrateful but l have been purging my belonging for years now.

I can easily donate, trash, give to a friend any item that l have purchased myself for me, but once someone gives me something, it has strings ropes attached to it and l feel such guilt when l want to dispose of it.

I need to have the "talk" with my partner.  But, will l insult her?  I don't know her well enough, l don't know her feelings on gifts.

My friends and l have all come to an agreement to not exchange gifts, we buy each other dinner on their birthday and enjoy each others company over the holidays.  Let me tell you it is the best.  Instead of rushing around and dropping money on something that may never get used, we spend quality time together.  Even my family only buys the kids gifts at Christmas, not the adults.

I have to address it soon with her, before she goes and buys me something, and then l will have to go to a mall and search for an appropriate gift.  Yuck!


  1. While I love surprising people with random gifts, I haven't liked the whole obligatory gift exchange for years, and avoid it whenever possible. For Christmas the only people I buy for are my daughter, parents (who usually want a gift certificate), and one friend. To anyone else I "think" might want to exchange gifts, I politely but firmly decline, stating my minimalist lifestyle as the reason. That usually works.

    If the partner really seems to want to exchange gifts, here are a few easy ideas.

    Gift certificates of course, baskets of food like cookies, wine and cheese, or assorted chocolates, a request that she donate to a specific cause you support, buying a gift to give to a local shelter or food bank or needy kids charity, oh hey... how about something small and useful for your impending van-dwelling days :)

    Ah my imagination runs wild!

    Have fun :)

  2. Hi Maria;

    I love buying gits when the gift inspires me, not the holiday. Of course l could always put those said gifts in the closet until the holiday, but l don't have the patience and want to give it right away.

    I'm not really comfortable dictating what kind of gift to give me (except iwth family), and of course, no one at work knows of my plans of van-dwelling. lol Great ideas though.