Wednesday, November 30, 2011



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Are you jealous of my Stunning Cubical?  I'm back in Toronto for two weeks while my office partner is out on a project in Alaska.  It is a fabulous grey, don't you think?  Ah well, l could dress it up with pictures and nic-nacs, but it's not my style, and l don't spend enough time in Toronto to bother.

It's great to be home sometimes.  I was zonked from all the crazy flights l have taken lately, and l had lots of running around to do.  So l have been a wee bit tired the last couple of days (waking up too many 2:30 am mornings to catch planes) and l am starting to feel human again.

Working in Toronto is predictable, you wake up, fight traffic, work, head home fighting traffic, it gets boring really fast and feels too much like work.  At least when l am out on the road it takes me a couple of days for the project to feel like work, there is much to see to distract me, new sights, new people, new town to learn.

It seems l have the best of both worlds right now.  Having a job where l get to travel, and also get to stay home for a couple weeks every other month.  Although, l can't wait to actually be travelling with my home with me. To be able to take my cats with me, to cook my own meals, to move when l want to move, to stay when l want to stay.  Soon.






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