Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm not normal.

Believe me l know!  l love is just sitting in my car on a sunny day reading a book.  Is that bizarro or what?

I don't know why l enjoy it so much.  It could be the sun shining in all windows.  It's a little sanctuary for me.  I even enjoy taking naps in my car (mostly cat naps).  The whole world could look in on me, l could care less.  Of course l park away from people, l'm not an exhibitionist after all, just someone who loves sitting in their car reading, or naping or even on my computer.  Once l roll into town, l quickly learn the free hot spots for Internet, and the quiet places to read.

I also enjoy watching people go about their business.  Sitting in a Walmart parking lot observing people is another past time of mine. You learn alot about people, how different we all are, how we treat each other when we think no one is watching, or even how we treat each other when others are watching.  We are an amazing species.

And l am just one bizarro among many.


  1. I love the human experience! And I love not being normal too. In fact, I'm not even sure I'd recognize normal if it smacked me in the face. Typical perhaps but not normal.

    Oh wait... there is no normal :)

    By the way... snoozing in parking lots is a favorite past time of mine too. Reading not so much as the sun bothers me. I guess we're polar opposites there.