Friday, November 18, 2011

In My Own Bed

Well tonight l get to sleep in my own bed.

No, l'm not a tramp, just a wanderer.  It's the end of my 21 hour day, from Burlington, to Colorado Springs Airport to Denver Airport to the Toronto Airport, to the office for 3 hours then to dinner with a couple of friends.  To throwing in a load of laundry and to snuggling with my cats.

Sleep don't fail me now.

Tomorrow's a busy day.  I'm going to attend a funeral of a father-in-law of an old co-worker, look at a van to purchase, running around to restock the suitcase, pack said suitcase, snuggle with the cats again.

Sunday at 7am  l fly to Calgary, Alberta, rent a car and drive 6 hours to Creston, British Columbia.  I hear it's pretty cold in Calgary, and snowy in Creston, so l will dress appropriately.  It should be a pretty drive so stay tuned for the pictures of the pretty snow capped mountains.

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