Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stinky Motel


I checked in last night to an America's Best, not the nicest hotel l've stayed in.  And that's being nice.  The room is stinky, the tub not the cleanest.  Oh how l want to travel by RV, then l know it will be clean, and smelling fresh!!!

I mentioned it to the front desk before l left for the day and they freshened up the smell for me.  Thank God!

Not much happened today.  This is a small town, open fields for miles and miles.  It was sunny and warm, which was really nice for November.

There are no mountains, no snow, there are  just as many, if not more friendly people who nod their head in acknowledgment as you pass them on the street, even if you are in a car.  Love the small towns for that.  I know in the city of Toronto, and many others, that as you approach strangers, they actually avert their eyes, and pretend you are not there.  This friendly approach is much better.

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