Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ghost Town


Burlington, Colorado  is a typical small town with under 5000 people living here and in the surrounding areas.

On Sundays the shops are closed, the Churches are full.  There isn't much to do, there for, not much to write about.  There is nothing to do close by.  There is a small museum in town, a typical "here's our story", with old buildings, old farm machinery, a throw back to the way things were.

But have things really changed?  It really is still a small town, with small town values.  Helping out the neighbors, waving to everyone you pass on the street, whether you know them or not (l know, because no one knows me, and l get the wave from everyone - yes, l wave back).

It is a slower pace of life. A more trustful way of life. Not such a bad life.

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