Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Positive Thinking Positive Doing

While l travel the US l meet a lot of small business owners, and it is really sad how many of them are scared of the economy and the situation in the US right now.

It’s time for the US government to start some positive thinking and speaking.  Their constant bickering and negativity towards each other is passé and hurting the economy.  It’s time to try a more united front.  I’m tired of them, are you?

The world view of the US is starting to go down the toilet. I don’t follow politics that much; it all just seems like incessant noise.  Kind of like a wildly barking dog at 2am.  You try to tune it out.

To have a man who is hoping to get elected for President in a scandal of sexual harassment?  Either he thought he couldn’t be found out, or he doesn’t think what he did was wrong, or it just didn’t happen.  Is it Cain’s version of a Justin Bieber paternity suit?

I think it’s time that everyone STOP watching  the talking heads that are there to ignite the fires and rip the country apart to get the viewers to turn in to their show.  And start writing their government leaders to get to work for the country and not their personal interests.  Stop pointing fingers and just fix it (wait - am l pointing fingers?) .

If l was at work talking about my co-workers as they do, starting rumours, putting my best interest before the company, l would be FIRED!

Okay….l’m off my soap box.

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