Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday

It's almost here.  Black Friday.  Who's getting up way before dawn to go shopping?  Wait this year, it's going to happen while it's still Thanksgiving.  To me that is just crazy.

I personally don't think it's worth it to stand in line (at an ungodly hour) to save a couple bucks,  with hundreds other crazy people, in most places in the country, freezing your butt off.  But that's me.

In Canada we don't have Black Friday (although our stores are starting to compete with south of the boarder), our big shopping day is Boxing day, which is the day AFTER Christmas.  When the stores get rid of all their surplus stock.

When l turned 16, l had my new (to me) car, and l had a job, so l had MONEY, l went to my first and only Boxing Day sale.  It was at Stitches ( a clothing store) and l was so excited to buy clothes 2 for 1.  I bought a couple hundred dollars worth.  I thought l had done good.

Imagine my disappointment when over the course of the next couple of weeks the sale then went to 3 for 1, and finally 4 for 1.  That was my first and last time l ever was sucked into the hype of the "deals to be had" on those great sale days.



  1. This is the one day of the year I refuse to shop. Just like when I was a churchgoer I went every single Sunday but refused to show up Christmas and Easter. I absolutely hate the crowds and how stressed and rude people can get.

    To those who like "Black Friday" though, have at it. And yeah, I noticed some stores started on Thursday. Too me that's like decorating for Christmas in August.

  2. And they do decorate in August!!!!! lol

    It's never a deal, l would rather work a couple extra hours to make up the extra $10 savings. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!