Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tomorrow is the American Thanksgiving.   l wish all the Americans out there a happy and safe day.  Don't indulge too much, drink too much, watch football too much or shop too much.  Ah, screw it.......go for it!  Just enjoy it!!!!


  1. My husband and I cook Thanksgiving dniner every year for a homeless veteran’s shelter in our town (it’s a home vs. a large shelter, so there are usually 8-12 veterans there for the dniner).We will make:TurkeyGravyStuffingMashed potatoesGreen bean casseroleMac and CheeseCranberry sauceRoasted veggies (squash, yams, asparagus)Dinner rollsPies (and maybe cookies)Basket of hot cocoa/tea/coffee/other goodiesWe make all that Wednesday/Thursday morning, then head up to my parents house, where my mom makes our Thanksgiving dniner every year. Only thing I will bring to that is green bean casserole, because my mom hates it and refuses to make it haha

  2. Sara, It always feels good to give. We should all give more, it would be a better world! :-)