Friday, November 4, 2011

Hunters coming to Gunnison, Colorado

They are calling for another dumping of snow tonight into tomorrow afternoon. I guess l need to go buy those mitts!  That's not discouraging the hunters that are piling into town with their 4 wheelers and campers.  This is a big hunting community and one of the final weeks for them to get out there.  It's done by a draw system, so the ones that pulled this week are going.

The stores are displaying signs welcoming the hunters to town.  Hoping for some of their dollars coming their way.

I'm sure their campers have heaters, and they have all the latest gadgets to keep warm while they sit quietly waiting for their prey to come into range.  I wonder if l will see they coming back nto town with their catch strapped to their pickup truck.  I will keep you informed, with maybe a picture of two, if l can do it stealthily.

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