Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I take for granted

It’s amazing how we take for granted so many things, and don’t even realize that we do, until we have to do without.

Here in Gunnison, the internet is not the fastest out here.  At least where l manage to “borrow” it from.  And it
really is amazing how all over North America there are places that you can “borrow” Wi-Fi.  My hotel has a poor signal, but at
least it has a signal.  Not enough for me to enjoy Netflix, which is a great deal for the $7.95 l pay.

Of course l have cable in the hotel, but so much of it is a waste of time. Reality shows are not my thing, and with all the different time-zones l end up in, l can’t keep straight when the few TV shows that l would like to catch are on.  So l will just wait to watch them on Netflix, without commercials.

The other thing l take for granted is radio.  Seems simple enough, since it’s not a new technology, in Gunnison, it needs help.  The radio station 98.3 has long pregnant pauses, as though someone fell asleep and forgot to hit the next button.  The only thing is either this guy is really, really tired or they just are very good at it since it happens frequently.  But the worst thing about the radio is the “skipping”
of songs, almost like the tape machine they are using is chewing up the tapes, and no one is listening to figure it out. It is an oldies station (not my preferred choice, but it will do when choice is limited), so the music could very well be still on cassette tapes.

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