Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas - Keep It Local

With Christmas coming, and so many businesses still struggling in our local economy, let’s be the change.  Let US be the ones to help our fellow people in the community.  By us doing a little thing, we could be the grass roots of change.

How about for Christmas presents, we shopped locally.  And by locally l also mean, made in USA or made in Canada (wherever you live), or services offered by local citizens.

There are so many options, this is just a list l’ve got, l’m sure you could come up with more.

- Give the gift of a message, haircut, manicure, or pedicure – keeping local merchants busy and feel good for the receiver.

- Send a maid to clean your Mom’s house.

- Send  a gift certificate for lawn care, snow plowing, light hanging, driveway sealing.

-Buy crafts made by local artisans, sold at flea markets, farmers market, and church bazars.

-Eat at a local restaurant, enjoy each other’s company, and be “present” with your guest.

-Give a gift card for the local coffee shop, when times are tough, this is a nice little luxury.  Or
a local bakery, fresh made pastries are delicious.

-If they have a pet, how about a gift certificate for the local groomers.

-Plan a family outing and go skiing, bowling, a game of pool, the local arcade, the choices are endless.

Here’s one that our family has done for a couple years, on Christmas Morning we go to a homeless shelter and drop off coats, hats, mitts,
gloves, and blankets, and  a lunch bag with homemade sandwiches, cookies and a piece of fruit.  Then we stay and chat with the group for a while, they are so appreciative of the gifts. There are about 10 family members that do it, it’s a tradition that gives as well as receives.

Forget buying stuff imported from other countries/ economies, let’s support our own.  We can’t wait for the Government to fix our problems; they can’t see the forest because of the trees.

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